Sex doesn’t even sell when the economy sucks so bad

This is fucking crazy! You know it’s bad when legal hookers can’t even sell enough pussy to pay the bills! I mean geeze! When hookers can’t even make a grand in a week, what does that say for the res of us? It says tat if you lose your job, can’t find work, and have to feed your kids and pay your bills, that going to Nevada to sell some ass for a few weeks may not even be enough!

An article from the Nevada Appeal

WELLS – The women at Donna’s Ranch are crowded around the kitchen table griping about depleted bank accounts. At this northeastern Nevada bordello, they woo grizzled truckers and weary travelers for a single reason: Money.

Lately, the women don’t go home with much.

Amy, 58, once bought a $32,000 Toyota Tacoma in cash; now her $1,200 mortgage saps her dwindling pay.

Marisol’s daughters think she works at a resort; she struggles to keep up the ruse. It now takes months, not weeks, to bring $5,000 back to Southern California.
“Marisol,” one of her regulars tells her, “it costs me in gas what it takes for me to spend a half-hour with you.”

Signs of the economic free fall have cropped up in many of Nevada’s 25 or so legal brothels.

The Mustang Ranch, for example, has a steady stream of customers, but the number of women vying for work has soared. Even a 74-year-old applied.

This summer, the Shady Lady gave $50 gas cards to those who spent $300.

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch offered extras to customers paying with their economic stimulus checks.

Donna’s Ranch, 180 miles west of Salt Lake City near Interstate 80 and Highway 93, has seen its business plummet nearly 20 percent.

More than three-quarters of its customers are long-haul truckers, and high fuel and food prices have drained them of “play money,” says Donna’s owner Geoff Arnold.

That cuts into pay for his 10-member staff and the “working girls.”

The brothel’s woes start with the barflies, who are hoarding what little money they’ve saved. Tonight, two of them slouch in their stools and bemoan the economic slump. The bartender, Gayle Salinas, is pinching pennies too. She used to take home $50 in tips.

Now she might pocket $12. Her pay is linked to how much the prostitutes make – and customers aren’t choosing their most expensive offerings.

The women negotiate the price of “parties” and their duration, which the bartender tracks using kitchen timers. Ten to 15 minutes costs at least $100. Customers once regularly paid thousands of dollars for extras listed on a hot-pink “menu” – but these days, few men desire the hot tub or mirrored fantasy room.

Earlier that night, Marisol had guided a trucker from Utah into the fantasy room. This was his first brothel trip in a year; he used to stop by every few months.
“See how comfortable you can get?” Marisol coos.

He passes on buying an expensive party. Marisol isn’t surprised. She had played a fortune-telling card game that afternoon; it showed the future would bring little cash.
About a dozen years ago, Arnold plunked down more than $1 million for Donna’s Ranch. He’s a certified public accountant in Boise, Idaho, and had combed the books of several brothels; buying one seemed business-savvy. He owns another in Battle Mountain.

“They’re easy to run,” says Arnold, president of the state brothel association. “If you keep the girls happy, you’re done. If the girls are happy, then the guys are happy. I can’t think of any other business as good as a brothel, except for a doctor’s office – they’re equally profitable.”

Billed as the West’s oldest continuously operating bordello, Donna’s Ranch greets drivers with a sign that depicts a cowboy-hatted brunette atop a truck bed. The red-roofed, single-story brothel is plagued with leaks; a recent earthquake cracked its beige exterior. The women’s rooms are small. Most have a double bed, a television and DVD player, and tables with assorted lotions, sex toys and toiletries.

There’s also a handmade sign that reminds customers: “Tips are appreciated.”

From 2006 to 2007, the brothel’s revenue climbed 7.6 percent, to about $1 million. In 2008, Arnold expects to make about $200,000 less. Closing that gap is tricky: Brothel advertising is legal, but billboards and bus ads risk upsetting neighbors.
Arnold’s staff clips coupons to slash the $3,300 monthly grocery bill. He brainstorms other cost-cutting measures. He owns 33 acres in Wells – enough room, by his calculation, for five to 10 cows that could feed his workers.

“That’s what we’ve come to,” he says, chuckling at the idea. “Donna’s Ranch could be a real ranch.”

In the kitchen, Amy smooths her rhinestone-trimmed mini-dress and reddened hair that falls to her waist. She appears about a decade younger than she is, with a trim figure, high cheekbones and a tendency to giggle.

She waits for the CB radio to crackle. During even-numbered hours, the women take turns sweet-talking truckers. They cede the odd-numbered hours to Bella’s, the other brothel in this city of 1,300 people. The tactic, which lures more than one-third of Donna’s customers, is more vital now that business is slumping.

At last, a trucker grunts through the airwaves: “Where you girls at?”

Amy leans toward a microphone and urges him to pull off at Exit 352.

“Are you the Asian girl?” he asks.

“Bingo!” she says.

Amy has worked in brothels, on and off, for eight years. She needed cash to get her own place, but also blames “a broken heart.” Her grown son is the only person who’s figured out her line of work, something she admits with downcast eyes.

She typically does three-week stints but starts wanting to go home to Utah after two. She used to pocket $6,000 each time – even after splitting money with the house and covering room and board, condoms, licenses and legally required medical tests. But what she wistfully terms “the good old days” – when she could meet up to 13 men a day and afford to turn down customers – are gone.

Tonight, the bartender counts four brothel customers. Maybe, Salinas says, things will pick up. Some car buffs are in Wells for a show.

“I don’t know,” Amy says. “They bring their wives.”

The other women – who likewise use pseudonyms and hide their jobs from their children and friends – are discouraged too.

Tori, a blond veteran with a no-nonsense manner commutes from Reno with an array of wigs and sequined get-ups. In the early ’90s, she was laid off from a Southern California real estate office; she eventually turned to the brothel circuit: Winters in Southern Nevada, summers up north. She wants to work in auto sales, but makes do at Donna’s.

“Some other places want you to work 24 hours,” she says. “They don’t want you to sleep.”

Danielle, younger and more reserved, is passing time solving word puzzles. She ended up here after a divorce. She periodically flies from South Carolina – ticket prices have soared – and tries to return with at least $2,000. But most customers have been trying to bargain down their prices. Some are paying with credit cards – an indication they don’t have cash. The receipts say “Apache Wells Development
Co.,” not Donna’s Ranch.

“Whatever they have,” Amy says, “you have to take it.”

Talking to the trucker, Amy curled up at a folding table just big enough for a radio and mike, and a dry erase board listing the Ranch’s selling points: Free beer. Free chili. Free shower. Souvenirs “I’m going to bed,” the trucker tells her at last.

“Maybe come here and have a happy ending?” she purrs.

“Tell me what a happy ending is.”

“I can’t talk about it over the radio.”
Thanks, the trucker says. Not tonight.

Wikileaks Whistleblower Website Shutdown Sparks First Amendment Concerns

Website Shutdown Sparks First Amendment Concerns
Federal judge ordered disabling of

Article found at AVN

By Sherri L. Shaulis

Posted: 3:40 PM PST Feb 21, 2008
SAN FRANCISCO – The shutdown of a website that publishes anonymous whistleblower documents was ordered last week by a federal judge in San Francisco, a move legal experts say raises First Amendment concerns.

The site,, allowed users to post confidential material in an effort to discourage what it called “unethical behavior” by corporations and government agencies. Items posted on the site prior to its Feb. 15 disabling included documents showing the rules of engagement for American troops in Iraq and a military manual for the operation of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay.

“I think we are seeing the limits of a jurisdiction-based judicial system as it faces a relatively borderless Internet,” David Ardia, director of the Citizen Media Law Project, told The Christian Science Monitor.

Julius Baer Bank, based in the Cayman Islands, sought an injunction against Dynadot, the domain registrar for the site, claiming a disgruntled former employee had launched a “harassment and terror campaign” that included posting stolen documents from the bank. The motion said the documents were posted in violation of a confidentiality agreement and banking laws.

According to Wikileaks, the documents “allegedly reveal secret Julius Baer trust structures used for asset hiding, money laundering and tax evasion.”

Federal District Court Judge Jeffrey S. White granted a permanent injunction, ordering Dynadot to disable to site and preventing the organization from transferring the name to another register.

Ardia told The Christian Science Monitor that the court orders are stunningly broad and suggest a lack of seriousness about the First Amendment. Rather than addressing just the handful of bank documents brought up by the case, White tried to shut down the entire Wikileaks site, which claims to have received more than 1.2 million documents “from dissident communities and anonymous sources.”

In a statement on its site, Wikileaks compared White’s orders to ones eventually overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Pentagon Papers case in 1971. In that case, the federal government sought to forbid The New York Times and The Washington Post’s publication of a secret history of the Vietnam War.

“The Wikileaks injunction is the equivalent of forcing The Times’ printers to print blank pages and its power company to turn off press power,” Wikileaks said, referring to the order that sought to disable the entire site.

Ardia said White’s order to disable the entire site “is clearly not constitutional.”

“There is no justification under the First Amendment for shutting down an entire website,” he said.

Wikileaks said it was founded by dissidents in China and journalists, mathematicians and computer specialists in the United States, Taiwan, Europe, Australia and South Africa.

Brothel offers free sex – in return for the ‘film rights’

Found via Asylum
The latest trend in reality programming has finally caught up with the world’s oldest profession. A brothel in Prague’s old city is offering free sex to customers who consent to having their encounters broadcast online.

Customers at “Big Sister” are required to sign a contract allowing the owners to use the footage shot from 58 high-resolution cameras in the building.

The patrons can then choose from one of 30 prostitutes and several backdrops, including flowering meadows, a jacuzzi, an igloo or, “for the discerning goth,” Hell. Clients aren’t allowed to cover their faces or otherwise obscure themselves during the encounters, but they do receive DVDs of their performances as a parting gifts.

Prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic, and the business is evidently doing well so far; the website clocks around 10,000 to 15,000 hits per day.

From the Sunday Herald

Brothel offers free sex – in return for the ‘film rights’
‘Big Sister’ is watching as footage of clients in action is posted on internet site
From Gabriel Ronay in Vienna
Comment | Read Comments (16)

A PRAGUE brothel offering free sex and the chance of internet stardom is providing men with a novel style of sexual recreation. The formula of the Big Sister brothel in the Czech capital’s Old Town is simplicity itself: entry is free and patrons can choose their playmates from an electronic database.

On any given day, depending on demand, between 30 and 45 young women are available to clients. The world’s first free brothel’s link to a voyeurist internet sex reality show has proved so successful that its two Austrian entrepreneur owners, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are thinking of expanding abroad. They are hoping their male-oriented brand, marrying state-of-the-art technology with the world’s “oldest profession”, could soon be replicated in Britain.

To participate in the “fun and games” a punter has to show an ID card or passport and sign a contract accepting that the owners can film the intimate proceedings and use the footage as they please. After a payment of 10 (£7) for the use of a towel and slippers, he can choose a woman. The brothel’s database caters for all tastes, and the choice can be made accordingly, based on facial or body image, breast size or linguistic accomplishments.

No sensory stimuli are overlooked in helping a client add to the experience. He is even offered a variety of backdrops, both rural and urban, ranging from flowering meadows to a jacuzzi, an igloo or, for the discerning goth, a scene of Hell. But, of course, all these sexual choices, preferences and selections are really designed to add to the experience for the worldwide viewers of this internet sex reality show.

“Anyone entering Big Sister is immediately being filmed and thousands of internet aficionados can follow their every move from beginning to end from the comfort of their living room,” Carl Borowitz, the brothel’s marketing director, said in an interview.

The only caveat is that the client cannot cover up his face: any attempt at hiding or disguising the face and the liaison is stopped. But as a consolation prize, the punter is given a complimentary DVD featuring his performance, presumably to show the lads back home.

There are 58 high-resolution cameras operating throughout the building, with three technicians editing the “story line” of the reality show, starting with the couple’s first encounter and following it through the opening foreplay to the post-coital cigarette.

Whether the proceedings add a new twist to 21st-century sexual liberation, or just follow centuries-old common sexual exploitation, is not too difficult to answer. But the fact remains that brothels and prostitution are legal in the Czech Republic and this internet sex reality show is being staged, night after night, by willing “freelance” and professional performers.

It is not clear whether the “girls” on the Big Sister’s books are hardened professionals or cash-strapped students acting as temporary bit-players. But, as marketing director Borowitz insists, they are all paid well, treated with “respect” and, “with a little extra effort, they could become internet stars”.

Their working hours stretch from 6pm to 3am for a monthly salary of between 3000 and 5000 (£2000-£3500) and all the free time they need to pursue other interests during the day.

In spite of the reassuring words, this brothel, with its internet exposure window, still seems to be no more than a place for sad and lonely men to go to escape the disappointments and failures of their personal lives. However, the Big Sister formula appears to be a profitable enterprise, even with the hefty payroll, as the management’s expansion plans indicate.

The figures proffered are interesting: since 2005, the Big Sister’s internet home page, showing an average of 14 daily performances, has registered 10,000-15,000 hits per day. With a monthly subscription fee of £19, the income from this porn channel adds up to a tidy sum.

Subsidiary rights have been bought by British and Italian porn channels and DVDs marketed under the lurid titles of Sex Hyenas and Prying Eyes are adding even more cash to the Big Sister coffers.

However, Britain’s Sexual Offences Act 2003 could pose some problems to any plans to bring the formula to British soil.

For a start, brothels are illegal in the UK. Furthermore, new crimes created by the Act include voyeurism and exposure to sex acts, all of which could apply to the entrepreneurs’ idea of linking their free brothel with the internet sex show.

Unusual dating sites

This Asylum web site sure does have some sensation headlines for articles – geeze.

Oh get over it, you know we love it. That’s why the enquirer and cosmo are at the front counter and not backwoods country log home review.

Asylum does actually have some quite funny articles in their dating category. Why do we all love such weird sensationalized things, and why do people keep creating more and more of it, making me read and wasting time I should be working.

Find Love, Even if You’re an Overweight, Trucker, Pot-Head

By Brian Childs

Are you looking for love but have a small predicament, like, say, an untreatable STD? Not a problem!

Our friends at Thrillist have compiled a list of specialized dating resources just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Differently Healthy:

You’re not alone after all: Over 23,000 people have posted their pictures alongside detailed descriptions of what’s on their privates. The danger is, you’ll hit it off, share everything, only to have her say: “I really think we should just be friends with STDs.”

Thrillist – TruckerPassionsSunburnt on One Arm:
When a hellcat/woman-with-a-plan like MidniteMagic42 boasts, “I get enough exercise pushing my luck” and “Someday, I will have a working show-truck”, you know what you have to do: Run like the wind to the nearest rest area, pine-tree air-freshener bouquet in hand.
Check out the mud flaps at

Thrillist – LargeFriendsMetabolically Challenged:
Whether you’re a “plus size single,” or just an “admirer,” LargeFriends has the pushable cushion you’re looking for. Endless pages of success stories curiously avoid the issue of size, while the accompanying pictures do not.
Eat your heart out at

Thrillist – PotPartnerHigh:
These 420-friendly gals are low-stress, laugh at everything you say, and also see the hidden messages in “BASEketball.” And since you’re both too lazy to break up, you’ll probably e-date long enough to arrange a V-Day rendezvous — unless you both forget your passwords.
Spark up some romance at

Thrillist – PoorMatchGrindingly Depressed:
PM is for users who “fancy…experiencing a unique cocktail of hope and despair.” Just fill out the “I am a…” query (e.g., “cityboy,” “bongoloid,” “gaylord”); the only option under “Seeking” is “wretched throwaway sex.” So, you’re getting laid.
Find someone to hate at

Wow – how did they find all these niche dating sites? Even I haven’t heard of these!

Of course I prefer the suggest at this adult dating blog, but it’s different strokes for different folks!

Rumor has it some friends of mine are starting a few more dating sites made just more adults looking for particular kinds of fun. Keep posted and I will post them when they get out of beta!

sexual energy enhancers from aol body site

Stumbled upon a section of the AOL body site that has some info for libido or sexual energy enhancers. I was quite surprised that they had macca listed, along with a link to a recipe from another AOL portal for making a macca sex smoothie. The other things they had listed are pretty common knowledge, even though the science behind them is still kind of well, limp.

I HATE the flash navigation on these AOL pages, so I will list the other suggestions in case you have a hard time finding the navigation as I did.

Avocado Love

Avoid Alcohol

Extraordinary Oysters

Savor your Sleep

Amazing Asparagus

Chocolate Kissestruffle mushrooms

Tempting Truffles
It has long been speculated that truffles are great aphrodisiacs, and while there may be no solid scientific proof, some species of truffles do contain pheromones that can trigger mating behavior in female pigs. Oddly enough, the?musky chemical produced by truffles is similar to male sweat, which is a key ingredient in female arousal. Try it out yourself with this tasty treat.


Caliente Chiles

And then there is yoga for better sex – with a linked page the has specific yoga poses for better sex.
AOL is also featuring an article about better sex – In the women’s health section. Interesting that AOL is selling so much sex..LOL…

Class fury at raunchy music video and basshunter is wild

from’s sexy classroom vid has sparked a furious reaction from the pupils whose school it was filmed at.

You might imagine the boys at the prestigious single sex school, Dulwich College, would be glad that their seat of learning was used for such a pulse-quickening promo.

But they’ve taken offence to the stunning strip vid, that sees a gorgeous model peel off and gyrate over a desk.

Video sharing website YouTube has been flooded with objections from those enroled at the South London school.

One poster fumed: “Utterly disgusting. I paid good money to keep filth like that out of my school.

“How am I going to enjoy history society now? I’ll forever be thinking about half-naked ladies bending over the Master’ desk.”

Another added: “This is a disgrace to our school cos it gives the wrong kind of image.”

What’s It Gonna Be is set to follow the trail blazed by T2’s Heartbroken and take the burgeoning bassline house sound to the upper reaches of the chart when it’s released next month.

Click here for slideshow

If you’re as easily offended as the sensitive lot at Dulwich College I suggest you do NOT look at the video below. And by no means should you feast your eyes on the slideshow above.

Um, yeah, if their school is calling this raunchy and saying they are furious, wow. This is so far from raunchy. Now a 30 man gangbang with multiple snowball bukkake action, well, I could see being a little frustrated with that being filmed at your ivy league school, well unless it was behind closed doors, then, what can ya do.

In related news from the Sun..

Bass hunter has orgy pics show up on the web – he racts:ONLY in the land of shaggers like SVEN GORAN ERIKSSON do pop stars have orgies in their mum and dad’s gaff.

BASSHUNTER – who is No1 with his annoying trance anthem Now You’re Gone – is living up to the Swedish national stereotype of being a bunch of dirty beggars.

JONAS ALTBERG, the man behind Basshunter, has suffered the shame of his bedroom exploits with Dutch (no surprise there either) girlfriend Emely and a group of pals surfacing on t’internet.

And who found the pictures? His mum.

Good lord. But far from being embarrassed, the man who likes to make sweet music in the studio and the bedroom, has held his hands up with pride.

Speaking to top website Pop Justice, he confessed: “Those pictures were taken at my parents’ house and me, my girlfriend and friends had been partying and drinking.

“We decided to take some pictures and have a little sex orgy at my place.

On stage … Basshunter

On stage … Basshunter

“Those pictures somehow popped up on the net. It wasn’t me who put them online. I don’t feel awkward at all. The only thing I feel bad about is that the pictures could have done with a lot of work in Photoshop, that’s all I feel awkward about.

“I can honestly say that I like sex. I like very much to use my body for what I was born to do and I’m not really the shy guy. I want to show the world.”

He sounds like Borat, this fella. But he won’t be getting a high five from me, not least because his music is murder.

No pride should be taken in putting his parents through the horror of seeing their son in action.

Apart from the heavily edited ones you see above right, the pictures are certainly not suitable for a family newspaper.

And there is even more in the UK news about this Basshunter – I think I like this guy..

Basshunter vid girl’s porno past

CLOTHES-peeling beauty of red hot music video was previously an X-rated film star

* Basshunter blasts to the top
* Basshunter blonde peels off
* Basshunter’s strip video is go

Be a burlesque attraction with these LED nipple cover

I stumbled across a how to for making your own burlesque pasties, an updated LED light version.Found at one of my favorite daily reads – Boing Boing.

Now you too can have covered nipples and walk around acting better than the slut at the other end of the bar in a miniskirt – claiming that your nudity is an art form, (they are burlesque nipple covers!), and so you are better than the whore next door. What a better way to say HEY LOOK AT ME! Not only are my boobs exposed, but I have flashing nipples that are guaranteed to make you look at ME… or at least your tits. So if your daddy didn’t give you enough attention as a child and you feel like you should get more attention from all those guys at the club who are courteously ignoring you, slap on a pair of these and you’ll be popular, with lots of male approval, and lots of attention.

At least until some bitch slaps them off your annoying nipples and exposes your true nudity, in which case your “I’m an artist” farce will be over, and that group lustful gaze becomes a group laugh fest, either way – it’s entertainment, and you too can now be an entertaining artist, with these easy to make burlesque nipple covers!

»The complete 6 step “how to” can be found here.

»How to make regular tasseled pasties

Make them at home, but wear in public at your own risk.

And now a picture of a pussy with glowing nipples…

kitty glowing nipples

Top 50 hot poster girls

Take a trip down memory lane with these hot posters from over the years.Jennifer Aniston - Hot

Every adolescent boy has dreams, and those dreams are usually helped along by a poster of a fantasy woman that’s perfect for hanging above the bed. There’s Farrah, Pamela, Cindy, Rita, Angelina, Marilyn and more.

But which was the most unforgettable? Using trigonometry and high-level calculus, we’ve named the 50 most memorable pin-up posters ever. Vote for your favorite (after the jump) and if we missed one, let us know.

From with 50 pics in the gallery.

Expanding the commonly employed definition of “sex”

From the Rochester Campus Times

Expanding the commonly employed definition of “sex”
Alyssa Waddill
Issue date: 1/31/08

I was talking to a friend the other day over dinner.

“So I had sex all day yesterday,” she said with a grin. While I was suitably impressed, I was left wondering what exactly she had done for the entire day.

According to the common definition of “sex,” she’d been penetrated vaginally by a man for 24 hours straight. Guys, you’re great and I’m sure you’re all models of stamina and virility, but I think we all know that’s not very likely.

So really, what in the name of all that’s wet and sticky is sex anyway? I think most people agree that if a male puts his ding dong inside of a female’s person’s hoo hoo, that’s sex.

What if the person he’s inside of is a man? What if it’s in a woman’s butt instead of her va-jay-jay? What if it’s all about the penetration, but neither the man nor the woman orgasm? Is it still sex?

Then, of course, there’s the stuff that doesn’t involve a penis at all. A man could go down on a woman, she could have dozens of orgasms without ever going near his whoosie-whatsit, and would that be sex?

What about two women fooling around together? Does what they do even count? If they’re only operating with fingers and mouths, why do they still talk about having sex together?

I’m not talking about using strap-ons here. I guess that would make lesbian sex “official” since there’s a fake man-part involved. Even without the purple plastic dildos, though, people still call it “lesbian sex.”

So, I guess we have a complicated issue here. If you’ve ever had anyone ask you the question, “How many people have you had sex with?” you know that it can be tricky to figure out what kinds of sex should count on that list.

I’ve tried to keep track, just so I have an answer during the awkward questions in “Never Have I Ever”. It took me a while to decide who I wanted to keep in my little black book.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that if I’d tried to have an orgasm with another person it counted as sex. If I’d tried to give another person an orgasm that counted, too.

I know that’s a more lenient definition than most people use, but I didn’t think it made sense to leave off some of those encounters where there was no penetration, or even oral, to make it officially sex.

Sliding my hands into someone’s pants to bring them off while I rode their thigh definitely felt like sex, even if only my fingers came into contact with their genitals. If one of us was trying to have an orgasm (whether through penetration, oral sex or whatever else), even if we didn’t succeed, that deserved the moniker of sex.

I won’t tell you what my number is (at least not on the first date!) but every name scrawled on that page in the back of my notebook stands for an encounter that was definitely sex, to me.

By the end of our dinner, I’d gotten all the juicy details from my friend. Now I do know what she did all day, and I’m jealous.

It was some combination of kissing and touching and penetration and cuddling and using toys and hanging out naked in a bed.

She and this guy didn’t leave her room at all, and they did things to make each other feel good for the whole day. Honestly, that sounds like sex to me, and it sounds lovely.

Waddill is a member of the class of 2009.

I must agree, we all need to discuss more about what is sex and what isn’t. Perhaps with this definition of sex we can get more honesty from people. We could also put an end to what a lot of girls are supposedly doing when they say they are still virgins if they only take it in the ass or just engage in oral sex. Perhaps there may be a vaginal virgin there, but not a virgin from sex. Anal sex and oral sex contain the same risks physically and emotionally, so it’s a cop out in my mind to say this or that is not sex. I also think that I would consider it cheating if a girlfriend was to technically not have sex with someone, yet still engaged in an activity who’s intent was to produce an orgasm.

Pamela Anderson to perform at nude revue

Pamela Anderson to perform at nude revue
from yahoo news / reutersPamela Anderson nude

Fri Feb 1, 12:25 PM ETPARIS (Reuters) – Former “Baywatch” star and Playboy model Pamela Anderson takes to the stage in one of France’s most famous nude revues this month, when she performs for two nights at the Crazy Horse in Paris.

Anderson, who has recently been performing in a magic show in Las Vegas, follows Arielle Dombasle, an actress and wife of one of France’s leading intellectuals, in appearing at the Crazy Horse, a fixture in Paris night life for half a century.

“A special number will be created for Pamela Anderson, a striptease on a Harley Davidson,” the Crazy Horse said.

Anderson will perform four shows on February 13-14.

(Reporting by James Mackenzie, editing by Ralph Boulton)

Yeah, Pam Anderson Nude – I’d hit it – I mean go see it! She’s hot, she’s cool, and the fact that she’s still willing to get nude after being so famous, and most likely pretty rich, that’s really cool.