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new video options on the web

two articles this week talk about new options for advertisers and end users to mix up and use video to deliver messages and share revenue.

woman killed in solitary in prison – not enough evidence ot bring any guards to trial

I remember a line in a move I think it was enemy of the state where someone said somethihg like “if you have the cops watching everybody, who is going to watch the cops” – well here is a case that describes what happens when the people who are guilty have the only access to […]

Witnesses beware! online posting of narc’s threatens public records?

I wonder where this fight will lead to.. Another reason to lock away public information and make things sneakier and less credible? I don’t see this as being a huige issue, but I suppose it could become one in several ways for many people.. From news is now public: An article in the New York […]

Study shows that most men today are not as well off as thier fathers

Yeah, there’s actually a study that shows that the average American man is falling behind, living poorer than the previous generation. And they try to say that the economy is doing fine. Please. Yeah, maybe thenumbers look goog for corporate America and they funnel tha manoey in ways that makes things sound hunky dorey, but […]

Facebook opens up to tons of widget developers – the opposite of myspace

This is really ground breaking news, not just for software companies and advertisers who will certainly take advantage of this opportunity quickly, but it’s also an opportunity for the users of facebook to enjoy for applications that will certainly be developed well, and an opportunity for programmers to get more work! I have seen several […]

Bacteria for data storage

Bacteria for data storage – I remember an article that someone had handed to me a few years ago talking about how cells can maintain memories and other information from ancestors and can be passed along to future genreations, now another researcher is looking at ways to multi-encode genes in bacteria as a method of […]

Herpes May Prevent Worse Diseases

an article from news is now public talks about the possibility that herpes (and most likely other viruses) may prevent other health problems. Very strang way to consider things, but perhaps the multitude of viruses and other ills of the world may actually save people from worse ones, may actually cause a paradigm shift in […]

Barbie Cummings molested at party in teens says no regrets

I thought I had seen an article about Barbie Cummings in the news that talks about her exchanging sexual favors to get our of a DUI in Tennessee, then I see another article at porn valley news talking about how she was multi-molested at a party when she was an early teenager and how she […]

Pricey gasoline costs U.S. consumers extra $20 bln

This is serious, and something I have been thinking about,  how many friends and family have less so spend on food and other necessary and nice things, and it’s making other things go up. Bottled water and sodas are more where I live, and these things are definitely digging into the good times that we […]