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MTV ‘True Life’ Casting for Adult Industry Episode

This is interesting, can’t wait to see what the final edit comes out to look like.. will it become a series or just a one off show. What kind of slant will be put on the final edit. What kind of people will actually get interviewed form the adult industry? I bet there will be […]

dating a stripper – asking her out

found this great article about this guy that gets a stripper to say yes to going out with him. He was a customer, and oh what a great story. I will do some more posts about dating a stripper later, here is a good story about picking up n exotic entertainer at a titty bar. […]

dating site advice for would be webmasters

I really enjoyed this article about things to consider when considering the start up of an adult dating site. I think the author really brought some important points to the discussion, and a few good ideas as well. I think she went on to create a part two fort his article.. I will have to […]

Lessons Learned (and Left) From Traditional Workplaces

Came across an enlightening article today that made realize some of things that I have been thinking about are so very true. I am glad, and feel more justified in my thinking about hiring on a secretary, and glad that I am not the only person who sees some of the issues that should be […]

women’s choice porn awards

Found an intersting article on Xbiz talking about an awards ceremony in which porn is given awards for being the best porn for women. There is a list to follow, and I intend to check these out, see what women really like, and try to bring some of these movies into the bedroom! Here is […]

Ccube Expands Free Click-to-Call

service that allows a click to call button to be easily added to a myspace or facebook types application, that would allow blog visitors to call in and keep thier own phone number annoynmous. This is really an interesting idea, I don’t

new surveilance systems coming to mexico tell a lot about U.S.

an excerpt from a post at Boing Boing talks about the new technologies being added to MExico’s anti drug efforts and discusses some of the technology that American companies will be giving them, tell a lot about the surveillance capabilities of the U.S. – The system will allow authorities to track cellphone users as they […]

Book world tunes into Internet social networks

via yahoo news /reuters By Claudia Parsons Fri Jun 1, 1:17 PM ET NEW YORK (Reuters) – Faced with the challenge of marketing a book with a vulgarity in the title, publisher Rick Wolff turned to Internet blogs and social networking sites to spread the word about his latest business book. ADVERTISEMENT Bob Sutton’s “The […]

Smoking may damage your sperm, study finds

from yahoo news: Sat Jun 2, 4:50 PM ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Here’s one more reason not to smoke — smoking may damage sperm, passing along genetic damage to a man’s children, Canadian researchers report. ADVERTISEMENT A study in mice shows that cigarette smoke caused changes in the DNA of sperm cells, the researchers […]

more coffee means less uric acid and so less gout?

An interesting article I foundon site: Coffee May Cut Gout Risk Four or more cups of coffee a day appear to reduce the risk of gout, a painful joint disorder caused by a buildup of uric acid in the blood. University of British Columbia researchers found that people who drank four or more cups […]