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random notes clipped from around the web..

random notes clipped from around the web.. How to Date a Porn Star in Eleven Easy Steps – from Sam Sugar – the first step – don’t. The models are easier to date and have a relationship with. adult blogs for women – I think some of the sites listed here are just plain spammy, […]

Hailey Young’s Ass is Open for Business – Hailey finally does anal videos

Found this gem from Porn Vally News… PORN VALLEY, CA — After swallowing 50 loads at a bukakke, blowing 25 guys, gang banging who knows how many men, Hailey Young is finally opening the one hole that has never before been violated. That’s right, Miss Young’s tight little ass is finally open for business. The […]

found again – bud plant catalogue – erotic art and more

I remember the bud plant cataloged from years ago. I recently stumbled upon the bud plant web site which has a bigger selection of hot items than I remember in the print catalogue. here are a couple of the items on my wishlist from the current erotic art offerings. SUICIDEGIRLS: The First Tour DVD The […]

Go-Go Dancer Sues Magazine Over ‘Porn Star’ Caption

from AVN NEW YORK – A male go-go dancer and model has sued HX magazine for identifying him as a “porn star”. Manuel Alex Saez said he endured “emotional and mental suffering and distress, and sleeplessness and aggravation” after the publication ran a photo of him with the caption “Big City Video porn star Alex.” […]

Adult DVD sales to fall – online adult video sales to take over

One of the biggest European sex toys and sex videos retailers has admitted that sales are down, and they do not see the brick and mortar retail stores recouping the money they once made off of adult DVD sales, which were a huge chunk of the profits. It appears that online adult video sales are […]

Study: Men View Faces in Sexy Photos

This is some suprising information. A recent research project showed that men tend to look first (and longer than expected)  at a woman’s face for a time when looking at nude or hardcore photos of women having sex. Women tend to look first at the genitalia and other parts that are normally covered by clothes. […]

Nude blonde, gold stilettos and a Ferrari..

I love seeing headlines and stories like this in the mainstream news. What a nice, pleasant break from all the drama in the news these days. Read this story found vis Reuters and enjoy a moment of visual relaxation. BERLIN (Reuters) – A mysterious blonde paid a visit to a petrol station shop in the […]

family helps honor rape and honor kill woman for loving the wrong man

If this had not happened in the UK and perhaps had happened int he middle east, would the people involved in this woman’s rape and death had been tried and convicted? Take a minute and read this story and think about this shit really happening – it’s real. Not some movie. How many of these […]

Britney Spears’ bodyguard former sex toy peddler

all over the net the other day – Britney Spears may be banging her bodyguard (who cares, it’s Britney’s pussy, she can look for satisfaction anywhere she chooses as far as I am concerned, and by the way, sign me up for the bodyguard job). Adding to the story getting headlines is that this bodyguard […]

camclub offers new adult webcam toolkit for chat hosts

camclub has opened up a new avenue for getting exposure of your sex chat webcam on other sites. The webcam toolkit 2.0 is set up in a way to show other cam girls on your site and your live cam feed on other girls’ sites – giving a chance for cross promotion and addition exposure. […]