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Girls next door rely on sex toys Hefner can’t satisfy girlfriend

From Los Angeles – Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson says the Playboy founder can no longer satisfy her sexually. The 22-year-old Playmate, who is one of three of Hugh’s live-in lovers, admits she has to rely on sex toys to fulfil her needs because the 81-year-old leaves her wanting more in the bedroom. She […]

fundamental should be laws of porn

I found this list at porn valley news, who linked to xxporntalk as the source, yet I had a hell of a time looking for the original there to see any discussion. Anyhow, I totally disagree with some of these, but a few of them should be taken into consideration by actors, actresses, directors, and […]

Australia will Try to Censor the Web for Australians

Is this real? I had heard that Australia censored some of the books that could be read years ago.. something about no martial arts books are allowed there… can’t remember where I had read that.. but with this recent story found via news is now public.. perhaps it is true.. This could have far-reaching effects […]

Bikini Photos of Hewitt Create Big Buzz

From yahoo buzz Jennifer Love Hewitt Fights Back Bikini Photos of Hewitt Create Big Buzz By Erik Gunther Mon, December 03, 2007, 11:19 am PST With tried-and-true paparazzi faves Britney, Lindsay, and Paris on the prowl, it’s always easy pickins for celeb bloggers. But when suppliers of celebrity snark switched their sights to actress Jennifer […]

New Erotica Magazine Taking Submissions

New Erotica Magazine Taking Submissions Article from AVN ‘The Porn Project’ created to offer free sexual expression. By Murphy Diggins Posted: 12:17 PM PST Dec 04, 2007 AUSTIN, Texas – A small group of Austintines has joined forces with a New Yorker in an effort to create a revolutionary, fun art-porn magazine, The Porn Project. […]