Be a burlesque attraction with these LED nipple cover

I stumbled across a how to for making your own burlesque pasties, an updated LED light version.Found at one of my favorite daily reads – Boing Boing.

Now you too can have covered nipples and walk around acting better than the slut at the other end of the bar in a miniskirt – claiming that your nudity is an art form, (they are burlesque nipple covers!), and so you are better than the whore next door. What a better way to say HEY LOOK AT ME! Not only are my boobs exposed, but I have flashing nipples that are guaranteed to make you look at ME… or at least your tits. So if your daddy didn’t give you enough attention as a child and you feel like you should get more attention from all those guys at the club who are courteously ignoring you, slap on a pair of these and you’ll be popular, with lots of male approval, and lots of attention.

At least until some bitch slaps them off your annoying nipples and exposes your true nudity, in which case your “I’m an artist” farce will be over, and that group lustful gaze becomes a group laugh fest, either way – it’s entertainment, and you too can now be an entertaining artist, with these easy to make burlesque nipple covers!

»The complete 6 step “how to” can be found here.

»How to make regular tasseled pasties

Make them at home, but wear in public at your own risk.

And now a picture of a pussy with glowing nipples…

kitty glowing nipples

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