sexual energy enhancers from aol body site

Stumbled upon a section of the AOL body site that has some info for libido or sexual energy enhancers. I was quite surprised that they had macca listed, along with a link to a recipe from another AOL portal for making a macca sex smoothie. The other things they had listed are pretty common knowledge, even though the science behind them is still kind of well, limp.

I HATE the flash navigation on these AOL pages, so I will list the other suggestions in case you have a hard time finding the navigation as I did.

Avocado Love

Avoid Alcohol

Extraordinary Oysters

Savor your Sleep

Amazing Asparagus

Chocolate Kissestruffle mushrooms

Tempting Truffles
It has long been speculated that truffles are great aphrodisiacs, and while there may be no solid scientific proof, some species of truffles do contain pheromones that can trigger mating behavior in female pigs. Oddly enough, the?musky chemical produced by truffles is similar to male sweat, which is a key ingredient in female arousal. Try it out yourself with this tasty treat.


Caliente Chiles

And then there is yoga for better sex – with a linked page the has specific yoga poses for better sex.
AOL is also featuring an article about better sex – In the women’s health section. Interesting that AOL is selling so much sex..LOL…

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