Unusual dating sites

This Asylum web site sure does have some sensation headlines for articles – geeze.

Oh get over it, you know we love it. That’s why the enquirer and cosmo are at the front counter and not backwoods country log home review.

Asylum does actually have some quite funny articles in their dating category. Why do we all love such weird sensationalized things, and why do people keep creating more and more of it, making me read and wasting time I should be working.

Find Love, Even if You’re an Overweight, Trucker, Pot-Head

By Brian Childs

Are you looking for love but have a small predicament, like, say, an untreatable STD? Not a problem!

Our friends at Thrillist have compiled a list of specialized dating resources just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Differently Healthy: STDFriends.com

You’re not alone after all: Over 23,000 people have posted their pictures alongside detailed descriptions of what’s on their privates. The danger is, you’ll hit it off, share everything, only to have her say: “I really think we should just be friends with STDs.”

Thrillist – TruckerPassionsSunburnt on One Arm: TruckerPassions.com
When a hellcat/woman-with-a-plan like MidniteMagic42 boasts, “I get enough exercise pushing my luck” and “Someday, I will have a working show-truck”, you know what you have to do: Run like the wind to the nearest rest area, pine-tree air-freshener bouquet in hand.
Check out the mud flaps at TruckerPassions.com

Thrillist – LargeFriendsMetabolically Challenged: LargeFriends.com
Whether you’re a “plus size single,” or just an “admirer,” LargeFriends has the pushable cushion you’re looking for. Endless pages of success stories curiously avoid the issue of size, while the accompanying pictures do not.
Eat your heart out at LargeFriends.com

Thrillist – PotPartnerHigh: PotPartner.com
These 420-friendly gals are low-stress, laugh at everything you say, and also see the hidden messages in “BASEketball.” And since you’re both too lazy to break up, you’ll probably e-date long enough to arrange a V-Day rendezvous — unless you both forget your passwords.
Spark up some romance at PotPartner.com

Thrillist – PoorMatchGrindingly Depressed: PoorMatch.com
PM is for users who “fancy…experiencing a unique cocktail of hope and despair.” Just fill out the “I am a…” query (e.g., “cityboy,” “bongoloid,” “gaylord”); the only option under “Seeking” is “wretched throwaway sex.” So, you’re getting laid.
Find someone to hate at PoorMatch.com

Wow – how did they find all these niche dating sites? Even I haven’t heard of these!

Of course I prefer the suggest at this adult dating blog, but it’s different strokes for different folks!

Rumor has it some friends of mine are starting a few more dating sites made just more adults looking for particular kinds of fun. Keep posted and I will post them when they get out of beta!

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