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Unusual dating sites

This Asylum web site sure does have some sensation headlines for articles – geeze. Oh get over it, you know we love it. That’s why the enquirer and cosmo are at the front counter and not backwoods country log home review. Asylum does actually have some quite funny articles in their dating category. Why do […]

pixmetv mobile adult social network app for affiliates

Pixme tv launches and it is exactly-what I have been wanting to develop as an adult mobile social network web app. This is my opinion from just scanning through the site, I haven’t started using it yet, but it looks like it is just what this doctor would have ordered. Allowing users to submit content […]

dating a stripper – asking her out

found this great article about this guy that gets a stripper to say yes to going out with him. He was a customer, and oh what a great story. I will do some more posts about dating a stripper later, here is a good story about picking up n exotic entertainer at a titty bar. […]

dating site advice for would be webmasters

I really enjoyed this article about things to consider when considering the start up of an adult dating site. I think the author really brought some important points to the discussion, and a few good ideas as well. I think she went on to create a part two fort his article.. I will have to […]