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Brothel offers free sex – in return for the ‘film rights’

Found via Asylum The latest trend in reality programming has finally caught up with the world’s oldest profession. A brothel in Prague’s old city is offering free sex to customers who consent to having their encounters broadcast online. Customers at “Big Sister” are required to sign a contract allowing the owners to use the footage […]

sexual energy enhancers from aol body site

Stumbled upon a section of the AOL body site that has some info for libido or sexual energy enhancers. I was quite surprised that they had macca listed, along with a link to a recipe from another AOL portal for making a macca sex smoothie. The other things they had listed are pretty common knowledge, […]

Be a burlesque attraction with these LED nipple cover

I stumbled across a how to for making your own burlesque pasties, an updated LED light version.Found at one of my favorite daily reads – Boing Boing. Now you too can have covered nipples and walk around acting better than the slut at the other end of the bar in a miniskirt – claiming that […]

Top 50 hot poster girls

Take a trip down memory lane with these hot posters from over the years. Every adolescent boy has dreams, and those dreams are usually helped along by a poster of a fantasy woman that’s perfect for hanging above the bed. There’s Farrah, Pamela, Cindy, Rita, Angelina, Marilyn and more. But which was the most unforgettable? […]

Just the Facts on the G-Spot

One of the tidbits from an article I found at Web MD about Sex Myths, Facts and Fiction (or something like that) Just the Facts on the G-Spot If sex myths have such power over men’s thinking about their own anatomy, they have even more sway when it comes to female partners’ bodies — especially […]

Digg – Pupils discover their teacher in ‘porn’ advert on YouTube

Digg – Pupils discover their teacher in ‘porn’ advert on YouTube Pupils discover their teacher in ‘porn’ advert on — An attractive teacher at a private school is at the center of a sex storm after pupils spotted her in a raunchy video. Ya know, this commercial may be seriously raunchy for what we […]

New Erotica Magazine Taking Submissions

New Erotica Magazine Taking Submissions Article from AVN ‘The Porn Project’ created to offer free sexual expression. By Murphy Diggins Posted: 12:17 PM PST Dec 04, 2007 AUSTIN, Texas – A small group of Austintines has joined forces with a New Yorker in an effort to create a revolutionary, fun art-porn magazine, The Porn Project. […]

Robot love and marriage in the news sex dolls with benefits

Stumbled upon an article at news is now public that quotes several recent stories and some new research into robot love and sex dolls that are moving beyond the bedroom and into the heart of some humans around the world. A growing trend I think. There are good reasons outlined in some of the stories, […]

random shit on the web oct 07

I found so much cool random shit online this month… Esnips share it widgets for your web pages.. says it’s good for music, pics and more.. cool. BLiss – I thought I had found what it stands for, but can’t remember.. hot girls. Women select couples.. hot events.. yeah, I need to check one of […]

Nude blonde, gold stilettos and a Ferrari..

I love seeing headlines and stories like this in the mainstream news. What a nice, pleasant break from all the drama in the news these days. Read this story found vis Reuters and enjoy a moment of visual relaxation. BERLIN (Reuters) – A mysterious blonde paid a visit to a petrol station shop in the […]