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Class fury at raunchy music video and basshunter is wild

from’s sexy classroom vid has sparked a furious reaction from the pupils whose school it was filmed at. You might imagine the boys at the prestigious single sex school, Dulwich College, would be glad that their seat of learning was used for such a pulse-quickening promo. But they’ve taken offence to the stunning strip […]

Expanding the commonly employed definition of “sex”

From the Rochester Campus Times Expanding the commonly employed definition of “sex” Alyssa Waddill Issue date: 1/31/08 I was talking to a friend the other day over dinner. “So I had sex all day yesterday,” she said with a grin. While I was suitably impressed, I was left wondering what exactly she had done for […]

Good Sex Podcasts

I found this list of good sex podcasts at Download Squad Open Source Sex 1. Open Source Sex Open Source Sex isn’t just one of the oldest sex podcasts; it’s one of the oldest podcasts, period. Going strong since March 2005, Open Source Sex is hosted by erotica writer and sex educator Violet Blue. The […]

Girls next door rely on sex toys Hefner can’t satisfy girlfriend

From Los Angeles – Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson says the Playboy founder can no longer satisfy her sexually. The 22-year-old Playmate, who is one of three of Hugh’s live-in lovers, admits she has to rely on sex toys to fulfil her needs because the 81-year-old leaves her wanting more in the bedroom. She […]

fundamental should be laws of porn

I found this list at porn valley news, who linked to xxporntalk as the source, yet I had a hell of a time looking for the original there to see any discussion. Anyhow, I totally disagree with some of these, but a few of them should be taken into consideration by actors, actresses, directors, and […]

Philadelphia Officer To Be Fired Over Jail-Cell Sex Show

Found via random thoughts at worpal Officer Loses Job Over Jail Sex Show Philadelphia Officer To Be Fired Over Jail-Cell Sex Show From CBS news: PHILADELPHIA, Jun. 27, 2007 (AP) An officer who ordered two women to put on a “sex show” in a jail cell will be fired. Norberto Cappas, 32, was found guilty […]

random notes clipped from around the web..

random notes clipped from around the web.. How to Date a Porn Star in Eleven Easy Steps – from Sam Sugar – the first step – don’t. The models are easier to date and have a relationship with. adult blogs for women – I think some of the sites listed here are just plain spammy, […]

found again – bud plant catalogue – erotic art and more

I remember the bud plant cataloged from years ago. I recently stumbled upon the bud plant web site which has a bigger selection of hot items than I remember in the print catalogue. here are a couple of the items on my wishlist from the current erotic art offerings. SUICIDEGIRLS: The First Tour DVD The […]

Go-Go Dancer Sues Magazine Over ‘Porn Star’ Caption

from AVN NEW YORK – A male go-go dancer and model has sued HX magazine for identifying him as a “porn star”. Manuel Alex Saez said he endured “emotional and mental suffering and distress, and sleeplessness and aggravation” after the publication ran a photo of him with the caption “Big City Video porn star Alex.” […]

Adult DVD sales to fall – online adult video sales to take over

One of the biggest European sex toys and sex videos retailers has admitted that sales are down, and they do not see the brick and mortar retail stores recouping the money they once made off of adult DVD sales, which were a huge chunk of the profits. It appears that online adult video sales are […]