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tell your lover about your STD with a card

 Checking the rss feeds today I cam across an article at new is now public that talks about a company that is offering STD greeting cards, a way to tell your lover or ex lover that you have an STD. This is a great idea that may help people get over the stress of “having […]

Smoking may damage your sperm, study finds

from yahoo news: Sat Jun 2, 4:50 PM ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Here’s one more reason not to smoke — smoking may damage sperm, passing along genetic damage to a man’s children, Canadian researchers report. ADVERTISEMENT A study in mice shows that cigarette smoke caused changes in the DNA of sperm cells, the researchers […]

more coffee means less uric acid and so less gout?

An interesting article I foundon site: Coffee May Cut Gout Risk Four or more cups of coffee a day appear to reduce the risk of gout, a painful joint disorder caused by a buildup of uric acid in the blood. University of British Columbia researchers found that people who drank four or more cups […]