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Author who portrayed prostitute loses fraud case

Strange case of writings as a pen name, and then lying about the reality to get a movie deal, then being sued by the movie company and perhaps losing all mosey and property because of it? I wonder why the movie company decided to bail on this project. I am willing to bet that they […]

SuicideGirls Sues Lithium Picnic Photographer Philip Warner

 This is a really bizarre case. I would like to see the contract for suicide girls’ photographers, I need one of those! I can see this story fromboth sides and it’s a case that makes you think about what is really going on. Too bad it had to come to a law suit, when everyone […]

Lessons Learned (and Left) From Traditional Workplaces

Came across an enlightening article today that made realize some of things that I have been thinking about are so very true. I am glad, and feel more justified in my thinking about hiring on a secretary, and glad that I am not the only person who sees some of the issues that should be […]